HR & Consultancy Company

All our programs are developed individually, to cater to the needs of our clients. After reviewing, the services can be combined, depending on the specific situation.


Our services are a response to the growing need of owners living outside Croatia, who own property in Dalmatia and are looking for a reliable company / person who will take care of everything in their absence.

  • Tour and detailed inspection of the property and video call at the agreed time on the spot;
  • Checking of mail, bills and other needs / payments in accordance with the agreement;
  • Checking the correctness of the device and/or repairs in accordance with the agreement;
  • Communication with government services related to telephone, Internet, electricity, water, tax… (switching on / off, etc.);
  • Maintenance and / or arrangement of the interior and / or garden;
  • Preparation of the property upon arrival / departure of the owner and / or guests (according to wishes – grocery supply, transfer…);
  • Urgent inspection of real estate in case of weather disasters or emergency situations…

Discretion and professionalism – we take care of peace of mind!


  • Analysis of the current situation and identification of business needs
  • Assembling a quality team (posting job ads, selecting local or foreign employees)
  • mediate in hiring a foreign workforce,
  • Supporting HR management: employee training
  • Administrative tasks of HR department
  • Organizational and personal development training
  • Trainings in different areas of business
  • We also provide future employees with a short training for easier adaptation to the life and work in the Republic of Croatia.


We offer a special program for foreign investors to support them from setting up a company to managing a complete business. We also offer our clients consulting and project development services from idea to realization with complete commitment at all stages.

Our ‘project development’ program covers all the processes from the analysis and market study phase, preparation and monitoring of documentation and organization of the realization or construction phase. In the last phase we offer support services for the sale and rental of the facility.

We offer non-EU investors complete consulting services regarding work and residence permits and family reunification in the Republic of Croatia. We also have workshops in which foreign investors are educated about the basics of the Croatian language, culture and customs, legal frameworks and economic status.


  • Complete administrative support
  • Employee registration and work contract termination
  • Drafting official letters
  • Ordering business supplies/materials (office, marketing, etc.)
  • Managing travel orders
  • Drafting invoices
  • Complete HR support
  • Foreign and domestic payments
  • Preparing documentation for bookkeeping and continuous communication
  • Assistance with import/export


  • Organization of seminars, congresses and business events
  • MICE, team building and travel services


  • Complete accounting for business entities (sole proprietorships, ltd.)
  • Assistance to the accounting department


  • Setting up a business entity (from counseling on the type of business entity to registration)
  • Financing and support consultancy
  • Communication with commercial banks – arranging meetings and correspondence
  • Communication with civil services
  • Communication with attorneys
  • Connecting and communicating with business partners and clients
  • Designing and purchasing business gifts for partners and clients
  • Court interpretation/translation services for English


  • Complete support when applying for self-employment grants
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Business counseling and guidance
  • Counseling on entrepreneurship support programs